Writing a really good business plan has many advantages. It'll help you to communicate your mission, vision, values and goals, understand your competition and customers, plan your sales and marketing activities and give you a clearer picture of company finances. Besides giving you greater focus it's often a prerequisite to securing funding and investment. In this workshop you'll learn about the ideal structure and content of a business plan.


  • Reasons for producing a business plan
  • The executive summary
  • Description of the business including historical work, experience, strengths and weaknesses and benefits to your customer in using your product or service
  • Target markets and competition including opportunities and threats
  • Competitive intensity and market attractiveness
  • Sales and marketing activity
  • The management team including roles and responsibilities
  • Monitoring performance
  • Operations including managing risks, processes and procedures
  • Financials including forecasting of sales, cashflow and profit and loss


  • Creating a business plan will encourage you to think about every aspect of your business in detail, giving you greater focus and direction
  • Be better prepared for funding applications and investment pitches

Course notes are provided. Practical exercises will enable you to apply the content within your own business.