In 2017 the UK's leading entrepreneurship think tank, The Centre for Entrepreneurs (CFE), reported that a record number of nearly 660,000 new business had been created in the previous year. More than ever before we want to set our own direction, take control of our future, make a difference and be rewarded in proportion to the time and effort invested in our working lives. Self-employment isn't for everyone but could it be right for you?

Engine for Enterprise helps people to develop the skills and knowledge to confidently create their own profitable, sustainable new business. Our Start Up and Succeed programme will enable you to:

  • Use creative thinking and problem solving skills to identify everyday challenges and exploit commercial opportunities
  • Develop your business planning skills, giving you greater focus and direction
  • Recognise your own strengths and development areas and the external factors that will help and hinder your progress in creating your new business
  • Conduct research so as to understand your marketplace, the competition, the characteristics of your ideal customer and to discover what they really want
  • Understand your value proposition and the benefits to be gained by your customers in using you
  • Formulate a marketing strategy aimed directly at your target audience that will raise awareness, drive up interest, greatly increase the potential for sales and give you the best possible return on your investment in time, money and effort
  • Develop your selling skills and significantly improve your confidence and effectiveness at each stage of the sales process enabling you to convert more prospects into profitable, regular spending customers
  • Demystify the process of setting up and managing a business and helping you to make more educated decisions about the most appropriate trading entity
  • Network and connect with like minded individuals, identify opportunities for partnership working and promote your new business to potential customers

The programme is delivered through a combination of an initial diagnostic, one to one coaching, workshops, regular events and networking.